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MOSAIC is a housing cooperative and intentional community located in downtown Evanston, Illinois. Through cooperative action, MOSAIC strives to create a diverse, inclusive community that inspires and empowers creative, conscious, and sustainable living.

Our house is run democratically, and we all contribute our own labor in order to keep our housing costs affordable. We collectively share responsibilities for household chores and administrative tasks involved in running the co-op, and we make house decisions by consensus.

As a housing co-op, we place a great value on community. We share communal meals several nights a week, and we have weekly house meetings that serve as “family time”. We throw parties, open mic nights, documentary screenings, and other community events. We eat together, relax together, and support one another.

Perhaps most importantly, we are committed to fun and inspiration. We paint. We build. We sing and dance together. We watch movies together. We ask about each other’s days and really care about the answer. All of this is what makes the co-op not just a place to live, but a home.

Come on in and join the love!

The Daily Northwestern is nuts about us! 

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